Friday, 30 December 2011

Mark Hill Raw Hairdryer..

Soooo I haven't posted in a while, I hope everyone had a good christmas!! I have been in desperate need of a hair dryer for over 2 months now, as my old, beloved one decided to blow up on me and ever since been using my mum's hair dryer, so I used christmas as the opportunity to get a new one! I was snooping around in Boots in November to do some christmas shopping and whilst looking at the hair electricals I came across the Mark Hill RAW Professional Style And Shine Pro-Power Dryer, sounds fancy, what caught my eye was the gorgeous leopard print design, I'm a sucker for anything leopard printed, I just had to have it and to top it off it was only £29.99 for limited time only! I've never seen such a cute looking hair dryer in my life!!!!

So on with the pros.. this hair dryer has a salon professional 3m cord, 2 speed settings and 3 heat settings plus a cool shot button for precise styling, 2000W super fast drying with a long life motor for salon professional results, it also has conditioning ionic technology with Tourmaline  which  promises gentle, kinder drying for smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair. The hair dryer comes with 3 different nozzles. One concentrator nozzle to concentrate on small areas of your hair, one volume nozzle to lift and add volume and movement, one airflow concentrator nozzle which is idea for drying curly hair. You also get Style Guide to help you through different styles and what Mark Hill products are good for your hair!

I've used this a few times since christmas, it's super fast which is good for my thick hair and it only takes 10 minutes to dry my hair completely. The only annoying thing about the hair dryer is the fact the nozzles can't be used with maximum heat and maximum speed at the same time as it can cause burning!

The hair dryer does come in many different limited designs such as Zebra, Pink Leopard, Snow Leopard it was really hard to choose which one I wanted but i'm really happy with my choice of design!

What do you think?

I wish you all a happy new year!!!

Kirsty xxx

Monday, 19 December 2011

The Saturdays Magnetism Nail Lacquer...

Sooo I was a bit cheeky and opened up my christmas present from my best friend. I was happy to recieve two shades of The Saturdays Magnetism Nail Lacquer by Fashionista which I've had my eye on for quite a long time. I recieved the lacquers in the shades 'Purple Me Up' by Mollie (which is my favourite Saturday) and 'Silver Notorious' by Frankie, along with the magnet which is sold separately!

The magnet works with the nail lacquer to make an effect, it's so simple and easy too! Basically you shake the bottle to waken the magnetism, apply two coats and whilst the second coat is still wet, hover the magnet over the nail for about 8 seconds to create a wave, marble effect, it's so clever! I can't wait to try the other three shades from the other girls (Una, Rochelle, Vanessa).

The Saturdays Magnetism Nail Lacquer
L-R Frankie 'Notorious Silver', Mollie 'Purple Me Up'...

The Saturdays Magnetism Nail Lacquer
L-R Frankie 'Notorious Silver', Mollie 'Purple Me Up'...

Fashionista Magnetize Nail Magnet 
(Sorry about the lighting and my very short nails)
The Saturdays Magnetism Nail Lacquer In  Frankie 'Notorious Silver'

Who else has tried this? :)

Kirsty xxxx

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

LUSH Lip Scrubs..

LUSH is my latest obsession and as there is a new shop which opened in Bristol a few weeks ago I thought it would be rude not to have a nose and purchase something! I've heard some good reviews on the lip scrubs, I was spoilt for choice so picked the two that drawn me in the most, so I got Sweet Lips which is a light brownish colour, has a scent of chocolate and vanilla and Bubblegum which is bright pink smells of... bubblegum, believe it or not haha!

LUSH Sweet Lips & Bubblegum Lip Scrubs

LUSH Sweet Lips & Bubblegum Lip Scrubs

L-R Sweet Lips & Bubblegum Lip Scrubs

Just like you're skin, you're lips need exfoliating too, especially with the winter weather and you're anything like me and love to wear lipsticks you'll know why it's super important to have soft lips! You literally only need a tiny amount on your finger and gently move the scrub in circular movements to remove any dry, flaky  skin from you're lips, don't do it too hard as you will make your lips sore. After you can simply just lick your lips as they are completely edible and you are left with super smooth lips! I usually use the product once a week, depending on the state of my lips however I would probably increase the amount of times I use it. Once the scrub is off you're lips finish off by using a lip balm, I like to use the new Creme Brulee Vaseline! These little pots are £4.95 but they will last as you really don't need to use alot! 

I would love to try some other LUSH products, I always loved their soaps.. they smell good enough to eat, so if anyone can recommend me some nice ones I would be very greatful!!

Kirsty xxx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

College Acrylic Nail Assessment..

So I had college this evening, only from 6-9pm and we did our first ever assessment for acrylic nails... here's a picture of my friend's nails that I did tonight...

We're doing gel nails when we go back to college after christmas, really looking forward to it! What do you think of the nails I did? ;)

Kirsty xxx

Saturday, 10 December 2011

TOWIE Dazzle Perfume Set..

The Only Way Is Essex 'Dazzle' Perfume Gift Set

The Only Way Is Essex 'Dazzle' Perfume Gift Set

The Only Way Is Essex Dazzle Perfume

The Only Way Is Essex 'Dazzle' Perfume

The Only Way Is Essex 'Dazzle' Perfumed Body Lotion

The Only Way Is Essex Dazzle Perfume Gift Set

I've been debating whether to get the TOWIE perfume for a while, wondering whether it would smell nice so when I saw this gift set in Tesco for just £7.50 I had to get it! The perfume which is named 'Dazzle' is described as an intricate blend of white florals, vanilla and amber, with top notes of neroli, tangerine, apple and grapefruit with a floral heart of jasmine, violet, peony and presented in a diamond shaped gold bottle. The scent in my opinion is something I would use for work as it's cheap and saves using my expensive perfumes. It's fruity and sweet with a hint of vanilla, not everyone's taste and most definitely a younger person's perfume! I'm not a big fan of the bottle, I like the shape, the top and the little gold bow, but the gold colour makes it look cheaply made and tacky! The bottle would of been much more stylish if it was clear, there isn't even anything on the bottle itself to state that it is a TOWIE perfume, if you seen the bottle without it's box it could of been made by anyone! The perfume also comes with a body lotion which smells the same as the perfume, I think I would use this as hand cream rather than a body lotion though! I like the scent and I think it's a good buy for £7.50 and would make a good gift for christmas, but I wouldn't buy it all full price as much as I love The Only Way Is Essex! Has anyone used this perfume before? What do you think?

Kirsty xxx

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Another day, Another Shopping Trip..

I found myself yet again in Boots and Superdrug today. Starting out in Boots, which was just a quick visit as I knew exactly what I wanted, i've heard alot about the new Wild Metallic eyeshadow creams from the 17 range, there's six different colours but I only picked up the only 3 colours they had in stock which were Wild Bronze, Wild Nude & Wild Silver. All three are lovely colours, very shimmery with high pigmentation which is purrfect if you're on a wild night out and want to make a statement, ignore the rubbish pun. They're great for Christmas and i'm in LOVE with the leopard print on the packaging, I will definitely be buying more when I can get the other colours..

Clockwise: Wild Nude, Wild Bronze, Wild Silver

Top To Bottom: Wild Nude, Wild Silver, Wild Bronze.

I then called into Superdrug to get some kind of face mask and came across Superdrug's Mud Therapy Deep Cleansing Mud Mask, i've never used this one before, it has a grey/brown colour to it, it has a thick consistency and smells lovely. It has natural mineral benefits of dead sea mud to detoxify the skin, so i'm looking forward to using it to see if it makes a difference to my skin! I also brought the new Creme Brulee Vaseline, i'm a big fan of the vaseline range and i'm sure this is great addition to it, it smells absolutely lush aswell and to top it off, using my Beauty card meant I didn't have to pay a penny as I had enough points to redeem, result!!!

Vaseline Creme Brulee

Superdrug Mud Therapy Deep Cleansing Mud Mask

Superdrug Mud Therapy Deep Cleansing Mud Mask

Kirsty xxx

Monday, 5 December 2011

Coca Cola Lips..

So I was just looking on the Boots website and came across these rather fancy Coca Cola lip glosses and lip balms...

Prices range at £6-7 from boots and can be found here.

I've never seen these when i've been out and about but i'll definitely be having a look around for these now i've seen them online. I love the 40's retro look of the packaging and what makes it more exciting is that each lip gloss/balm has it's own flavour!!!

Also  Model's Own have released their own range of Diet Coke Christmas Kisses lip glosses in four different shades. Boots are currently giving each customer one lipgloss free when you buy two 500ml coca cola bottles instore, click here for more information. Pictures below..

Top: Pure Plum, Glossy Pink.
Bottom: Lacquer Red, Golden Pink. 

I'm excited to try both ranges! Has anyone tried any of these i've mentioned?

Kirsty xxx

Superdrug's mix and match.

So today I found myself shopping yet again, mainly for any last minute presents so I decided Superdrug would have been a cheaper option as they have their 3 for 2 mix and match items. I can't say I was entirely impressed with their selection to give as gifts but I did stumble across a few things for myself (surprise, surprise). I'd been looking online at the The Only Way Is Essex range of cosmetics for quite some time so I had a quick look and picked up the Totally Kissable High Shine Crystal Lip Glosses, they did look quite frighteningly bright in the packaging and wasn't sure whether I would like them but I got them anyway and once I got home and tried them on they were fine, they actually came out a lot lighter and shimmery than I thought which I am pleased with! The next item I picked up instantly is a gift pack of Simple skincare products, nothing exciting but for a cleanser, toner and moisturiser for the price of £7.99 I thought it was a bargain! Last but not least, I picked up a Charlie Pink perfume gift pack, I need some perfume to wear at work and hate using my expensive perfumes for work, so Charlie was a cheap option and again being £6.99 it was a good price for body lotion, perfume and body spray and it smells nice, so who am I to complain!? To make it even better, all the items being part of the 3 for 2 mix and match range meant I got the lipglosses technically for free, originally being £5.99 and being the cheapest item out of the three, so in total I paid £14.98, brilliant! The only thing I did fail on today was presents for other people... ooops!!!!!! Here's some pictures...

The Only Way Is Essex Totally Kissable High Shine Crystal Lip Glosses

The Only Way Is Essex Totally Kissable High Shine Crystal Lip Glosses

The Only Way Is Essex Lip Gloss swatches; In order of how they're shown in the packaging and above.

Simple gift set.

Charlie Pink gift set.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Beauty/Hair Products Wishlist..

A few bits I hope to either get for christmas or in the boxing day/January sales, please let me know if you've used any of the products i've mentioned as I want as many reviews possible! :)

1. Violent Lips lip tattoos in Coral Cheetah & Leopard
2. CK Shock perfume gift set
3. Babyliss heated rollers
4. The Muppets OPI minis
5. Mark Hill RAW leopard print hairdryer

Friday, 2 December 2011

Treacle Moon Bath & Shower Gels..

These lovely bath/shower gels were on offer for only £2.99 each in Tesco so I couldn't resist buying when I seen them! I've been using these for a while now and since they are on offer I needed to get them. They all smell delicious, but my three favourites are the ones I bought: Vanilla Moment, Lovely Mint Story & Rasberry Kiss, their brightly coloured gel and packaging never fails to meet my eye and there are a few more 'flavours' to choose from but as it's winter I felt that vanilla and mint smellies were the right way to go and they last for ages. My remind me alot of the philosophy shower gel but for a cheaper price, at £2.99 you really can't go wrong! You can check Treacle Moon's website out here for more info on other products..

Kirsty xxx

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Mini Boots/Tesco Haul..

Today I had a quick look into Tesco & Boots for cosmetics as I know nearer to christmas most shops have offers on cosmetics, so I was impressed with how much I paid today with the amount of things I brought back with me with little pounds. First I went into Boots intending to get some new blusher, I like to get make-up from Boots as I love their 17 range as it's so cheap so as I went to get some blusher I noticed that the offer is when you buy any two 17 products, you get a free 'Electric Disco' nail kit, the blusher alone was only £3.50 so I thought it was worth getting another product to get the free item. I've heard good reviews about the Falsifeye Falsh Lash mascara which was just £6.49 and yet to use!!

Next I went into Tesco and all their cosmetics are 3 for 2 and i've have had my eye on the Collection 2000 Cream Puff lip creams for a while so I picked 'Cotton Candy' and 'Angel Delight' which were both £2.99 the colours are stunning, they're a matte and cream-like, hence the name 'Cream Puff' when on your lips they give off a velvety, powdery feeling, they smell lovely too!!! The third item that caught my eye was Collection 2000 Nail Smash in white which was the item which was pretty much free as the offer was 3 for 2 and the nail varnish was £1.99. I've used nail crackle varnishes before and they have worked really well, I quickly tried out the Nail Smash and it works great and dries so quickly, the white would look really good over a nice, bright base!

17 Falsifeye False Lash Effect Mascara.

Falsifeye Mascara, with an oversized brush which promises to build up the lashes for a false lash look!

17 Blusher.

17 Blusher In Nude, I used to get the shade Brickie, i'm not sure whether they still do the shade, so I got the nearest one to the colour that I could find, a nice bronzed, brownish shade.

17 Electric Disco nail kit which includes a little sparkly bag and contains a nail file with 3 nail polishes in the shades in Nightshade, Glitter Top Coat & Risky Red.

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream In Cotton Candy & Angel Delight

Swatches of Collection 2000 Cream Puff Cotton Candy & Angel Delight.

Collection 2000 Nail Smash Top Coat In White Smash.

Has anyone used the products i've mentioned? 

Kirsty xxx

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

1st December..

So the countdown to Christmas finally begins today, i'm so excited I can't even tell you! Anyway I realise I am still up at stupid o'clock and need to get to sleep & looking forward to opening this baby tomorrow morning or should I say today...

and if you didn't guess by looking at the calendar itself and the stuff surrounding.. i'm a Disney fan! :)


Kirsty xxx

Models Own Nail Polishes..

Today I quickly went into Boots and came across the Models Own make-up, i've never used any of the products before but I've heard good reviews about them, so I thought i'd have a good look. The first thing that caught my eye was the offer, which is if you buy any 2 Models Own products you get the new 'Gold Rush' nail polish free and as i'm feeling festive and love sparkly nail varnishes, I thought why not!? I've been keen on getting Juicy Jules for a while which is a lovely glittery varnish, so I picked that one alongside a pretty pinky-purplely metallic colour 'Mystic Mauve' so I got 'Gold Rush' absolutely free which is great for the christmas season and they're only £5 each, got to love a bargain!!!!

From left to right: Juicy Jules, Mystic Mauve, Gold Rush
Without Flash
Juicy Jules, Mystic Mauve, Gold Rush

I did apply two coats but they are strong colours, so one coat may be enough for some people! I'm so happy I came across these, what does everyone else think?

Kirsty xxx

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My Obsession - Barry M Lip Paints..

With Flash.
Without Flash.
Back: Coral (53), Pale Nude (154), Black (37), Palest Lavender (129), Baby Pink (100)
Front: Dolly Pink (146), Vibrant Pink (62), Pillar Box Red (121), Pretty Pink (155)

Without Flash.
Top To Bottom : Coral (53), Pale Nude (154), Black (37), Palest Lavender (129), Baby Pink (100)

Without Flash.
 Top To Bottom: Dolly Pink (146), Vibrant Pink (62), Pillar Box Red (121), Pretty Pink (155)

As you can see above I am a massive fan of Barry M's lip paints, I just love how they come in 30 different shades from pale to vibrant and for any occassion! I was sent the 2 newest shades 'Pale Nude' and 'Pretty Pink' which just tempted me to buy more of the lipsticks! My favourites are Pale Nude and Pillar Box Red and don't even ask why I purchased the Black one, just to be daring, I could always use it for fancy dress/halloween. I know they're not a high market brand like MAC or YSL ect but for any girl on a budget these are perfect at £4.49 each and the strong pigmentation in these lipsticks means they last a long time! Who else agrees that these lip paints are amazing? I can't get enough...

ALSO a little tip: if you want a dark red/purple colour mix Black & Pillar Box Red together, it gives a nice vintage look!!

Kirsty xxx

Monday, 28 November 2011

My Make-Up Faves..

I've seen a few girlies share their favourite make-up so I thought I would share mine... as you can see above there's nothing particularly interesting to look at but I love these products at the moment..

(Clockwise to middle) 

ELF Total Face Brush & Blushing, Bronzer & Blending Brush.
These brushes cost me £1.50 each, at first when I ordered them I thought they were going to break quickly and really doubted getting them but after 4 months of continuous use I can gladly say that they are still in very good condition and work just as good as any other brush I have used, obviously they aren't brilliant quality but I'm using them whilst I save up for some MAC ones, the only downside I can give this is that the 'Total Face' brush bristles come out quite easily which isn't good as they sometimes stick to your face, but apart from that I can't complain as I paid only £1.50!!

Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation In Raw Silk 
This foundation is probably a little more than I probably usually pay for a foundation, I usually buy a collection 2000 one for about £4.99, so thought I would spend the extra fiver to see if this foundation made any difference to my skin as it is 'weightless' and promises that it won't clog up your pores, and as i'm worried about clogging up my skin with foundation everyday, I could tell straight away how lightweight the foundation was and the colour suited my skin perfectly, when applied it gives a kind of light airbrushed look without the feeling of being caked in make-up, I love it!

Barry M Lip Paint In Pale Nude (154)
I am obsessed with all the Barry M lip paints, infact I probably have over 10 of their lipsticks so when Mr Barry M himself (or at least he said it was him) direct messaged me on twitter back in October to ask if I wanted any free make-up as it was my birthday then, how could I have said no? So I got this sent to me, I never thought of buying the paler shades of lipsticks as I have pale skin myself so I thought I may have looked washed out but it comes out with a slight peach colour, i'm looking forward to any future shades.

Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon In Brown
This is another item that came in the package I was sent by Barry M, I don't usually use alot of eyeshadow but I have tried this when I have had a tan and i'm really surprised at how easy it is to apply and how defined my eyes looked without looking too dramatic, i've used this without my tan and it still looks really good, so this is definitely something I will continue to use and i'm looking forward to purchasing other colours!

17 Maximum Volume
I bought this mascara just a few days ago after getting bored of the one I have used and this is really good! My eyelashes without mascara usually are quite straight without a curl (unless I have an eyelash perm) but after 2 coats of mascara I could really see a difference, especially for the price which was only £3.99! I'm also dying to try their Falsifeye mascara which i've heard good reviews about, who's tried?

So like I said nothing very interesting!! Has anyone used any of the products i've commented on? 

Kirsty xxx