Saturday, 3 December 2011

Beauty/Hair Products Wishlist..

A few bits I hope to either get for christmas or in the boxing day/January sales, please let me know if you've used any of the products i've mentioned as I want as many reviews possible! :)

1. Violent Lips lip tattoos in Coral Cheetah & Leopard
2. CK Shock perfume gift set
3. Babyliss heated rollers
4. The Muppets OPI minis
5. Mark Hill RAW leopard print hairdryer


  1. I have the Babyliss heated rollers and they are the BEST thing I've ever owned! You won't regret buying them :-)

  2. I keep on seeing the lip tattoos pop up everywhere lately - can't decide whether to love or hate them yet!!

    lovely blog :)
    Em XX

  3. I was looking at the lip tatoos the other day in Boots. They're so cool but so weird!

  4. ooo im after some heated rollers too =) xx

  5. Was guna buy them lip tatto things! but not sure weather to love or hate.. lol.

    Please follow my blog all beauty lovers!!

    Thanks everyone. x

  6. I so wanna try the lip tattoos.

  7. I've used Violent lips a few months ago, they are tricky to put on the first time but then they are fine after that. There are lots of videos online to show you how to put them on properly :)