Monday, 28 November 2011

My Make-Up Faves..

I've seen a few girlies share their favourite make-up so I thought I would share mine... as you can see above there's nothing particularly interesting to look at but I love these products at the moment..

(Clockwise to middle) 

ELF Total Face Brush & Blushing, Bronzer & Blending Brush.
These brushes cost me £1.50 each, at first when I ordered them I thought they were going to break quickly and really doubted getting them but after 4 months of continuous use I can gladly say that they are still in very good condition and work just as good as any other brush I have used, obviously they aren't brilliant quality but I'm using them whilst I save up for some MAC ones, the only downside I can give this is that the 'Total Face' brush bristles come out quite easily which isn't good as they sometimes stick to your face, but apart from that I can't complain as I paid only £1.50!!

Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation In Raw Silk 
This foundation is probably a little more than I probably usually pay for a foundation, I usually buy a collection 2000 one for about £4.99, so thought I would spend the extra fiver to see if this foundation made any difference to my skin as it is 'weightless' and promises that it won't clog up your pores, and as i'm worried about clogging up my skin with foundation everyday, I could tell straight away how lightweight the foundation was and the colour suited my skin perfectly, when applied it gives a kind of light airbrushed look without the feeling of being caked in make-up, I love it!

Barry M Lip Paint In Pale Nude (154)
I am obsessed with all the Barry M lip paints, infact I probably have over 10 of their lipsticks so when Mr Barry M himself (or at least he said it was him) direct messaged me on twitter back in October to ask if I wanted any free make-up as it was my birthday then, how could I have said no? So I got this sent to me, I never thought of buying the paler shades of lipsticks as I have pale skin myself so I thought I may have looked washed out but it comes out with a slight peach colour, i'm looking forward to any future shades.

Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon In Brown
This is another item that came in the package I was sent by Barry M, I don't usually use alot of eyeshadow but I have tried this when I have had a tan and i'm really surprised at how easy it is to apply and how defined my eyes looked without looking too dramatic, i've used this without my tan and it still looks really good, so this is definitely something I will continue to use and i'm looking forward to purchasing other colours!

17 Maximum Volume
I bought this mascara just a few days ago after getting bored of the one I have used and this is really good! My eyelashes without mascara usually are quite straight without a curl (unless I have an eyelash perm) but after 2 coats of mascara I could really see a difference, especially for the price which was only £3.99! I'm also dying to try their Falsifeye mascara which i've heard good reviews about, who's tried?

So like I said nothing very interesting!! Has anyone used any of the products i've commented on? 

Kirsty xxx

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  1. Nice blog.. so you all that stuff.. now i find out why girls take so much time trying to get ready.. hehehe... nice blog... ;)