Saturday, 10 December 2011

TOWIE Dazzle Perfume Set..

The Only Way Is Essex 'Dazzle' Perfume Gift Set

The Only Way Is Essex 'Dazzle' Perfume Gift Set

The Only Way Is Essex Dazzle Perfume

The Only Way Is Essex 'Dazzle' Perfume

The Only Way Is Essex 'Dazzle' Perfumed Body Lotion

The Only Way Is Essex Dazzle Perfume Gift Set

I've been debating whether to get the TOWIE perfume for a while, wondering whether it would smell nice so when I saw this gift set in Tesco for just £7.50 I had to get it! The perfume which is named 'Dazzle' is described as an intricate blend of white florals, vanilla and amber, with top notes of neroli, tangerine, apple and grapefruit with a floral heart of jasmine, violet, peony and presented in a diamond shaped gold bottle. The scent in my opinion is something I would use for work as it's cheap and saves using my expensive perfumes. It's fruity and sweet with a hint of vanilla, not everyone's taste and most definitely a younger person's perfume! I'm not a big fan of the bottle, I like the shape, the top and the little gold bow, but the gold colour makes it look cheaply made and tacky! The bottle would of been much more stylish if it was clear, there isn't even anything on the bottle itself to state that it is a TOWIE perfume, if you seen the bottle without it's box it could of been made by anyone! The perfume also comes with a body lotion which smells the same as the perfume, I think I would use this as hand cream rather than a body lotion though! I like the scent and I think it's a good buy for £7.50 and would make a good gift for christmas, but I wouldn't buy it all full price as much as I love The Only Way Is Essex! Has anyone used this perfume before? What do you think?

Kirsty xxx


  1. You are gorgeous doll!
    Love the girlie blog!

    follow eachother?


  2. Didn't know Towie had a perfume, how funny! May have to buy this for my mate she is towie obsessed xx

  3. I really didnt know they had a perfume set! xxx

  4. Thanks for the review!! I was just recently introduced to the show "the only way is essex." I didn't realize how huge they were! I'm a new follower! You have gorgeous hair!

  5. hi kirsty

    i tried it and i think it just dont stay long enough..
    i tried Essex Girl from essex couture too and belive it: it is much better..
    you should make a review on it!