Monday, 21 November 2011

Christina Aguilera 'Secret Potion' Review..

It's been a while since I blogged about Christina's fragrance 'Secret Potion' so since I have now purchased it, I thought I would let you all know what it's like. I'm actually quite pleased with this fragrance, i've brought her previous perfumes before and don't get me wrong I have liked them all, but after a few minutes of spraying and I never seemed to be able to smell them on myself, so since the new one was out I just hoped it was one that would be long lasting... and it is! I sprayed this about 3 hours ago on my neck and wrists and I can still smell it now so i'm impressed! It's a very fruity and musky scent in a very cute, girly bottle and I LOVE the  packaging, definitely one her best fragrances, but the only downside to it all is, is how i've sprayed the perfume (which is a 50ml sized bottle) about 6 times since my purchase and i'm almost half way through it! I am getting more for christmas as you can see below it's available in a gift set with body lotion and a black clutch bag! Also if you purchase a 50ml or bigger bottle of 'Secret Potion' from Boots or Superdrug you get a free silver clutchbag for a limited time and maybe even some samples (as you can see below from my picture) I recommend this perfume to any Christina Aguilera fan or anyone who likes fruity, musky perfumes!!

Kirsty xxx


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