Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Christina Aguilera's Secret Potion..

Being a huge fan of Christina Aguilera i was really excited when she recently tweeted that she was releasing a new perfume. 'Secret Potion' which is Christina's fifth fragrance has been described as a 'mysterious and erotic evening fragrance for women who like to be in the spotlight' for women whose 'beauty lies precisely in their strength and confidence'

Top notes: passion fruit, lemon, mandarin
Heart: jasmine, orange blossom, lotus
Base: tonka, amber, musk, ebony

Although it hasn't been released in the UK yet, Christina has released it over in Germany which is how I managed to find pictures of the perfume online and even found the promotion poster..

If the scent is anything like what the bottle looks like, it will smell divine! I'm really looking foward to this being released in the UK, i will imagine it will be here by Christmas, and hopefully have a chance to review the perfume then!!

Kirsty xxx


  1. i can't wait to smell this fragrance! i love all of her others! xxx

  2. what are the notes of this one?
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